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Impact at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’: The role of social capital in capability development and community empowerment

The ethical rational of business for the poor – integrating the concepts Bottom of the Pyramid, sustainable development, and corporate citizenship

Bottom of the Pyramid as a source of breakthrough innovations

Serving the low-income consumer: How to tackle this mostly ignored market

A Nano car in every driveway? How to succeed in the ultra-low-cost car market

How the world’s 5 billion low-income consumers decide what to buy

Purchasing power at the bottom of the pyramid: differences across geographic regions and income tiers

Commentary on Michael D. Gordon’s “Management education and the Base of the Pyramid”

Management education and the Base of the Pyramid

A new alliance for global change

From digital divide to digital dividend: What will it take?

Commercial returns at the Base of the Pyramid

Business basics at the Base of the Pyramid

Testing the limits of ‘inclusive capitalism’: A case study of the South Africa HP i-Community

The Tata Nano, the global ‘value’ segment and the implications for the traditional automotive industry regions

The need for safe water as a market opportunity

The next 4 billion

Creating value for all: Strategies for doing business with the poor

Mobile 2.0: M-money for the BoP in the Philippines

Designing mobile money services: Lessons from M-Pesa

Understanding key factors in social enterprise development of the BOP: a systems approach applied to case studies in the Philippines

Interview: C. K. Prahalad

On the verge of something extraordinary

At the Bottom of the Pyramid: Responsible design for responsible business

Book review essay: Promises and perils at the Bottom of the Pyramid: “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profits” by C. K. Prahalad

Marketing technological innovation to LDCs: Lessons from one laptop per child

Aid is not the answer

Overcoming institutional distance: Expansion to base-of-the-pyramid markets

Serving the world’s poor, profitably

The quest for the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid: potential and challenges

Creating mutual value: Lessons learned from ventures serving base of the pyramid producers

The great leap: Driving innovation from the Base of the Pyramid

Tensions between venture capitalists’ and business-social entrepreneurs’ goals: Will Bottom-of-the-Pyramid strategies offer a solution?

The next four billion: market size and business strategy at the base of the pyramid

“Making Markets Work for the Poor”: An objective and an approach for governments and development agencies

Global marketing of lifesaving drugs: an analogical model

The Slow Race: Making technology work for the poor