Videos from the debate

Below are three videos from the debate at the University of Oxford Said Business School on 3 May 2012, bringing together leading champions and critics to air opposing views about the opportunities and risks of ‘bottom of the pyramid’ approaches to development .

Patricia O'Hayer. Responsible Bottom of the Pyramid

Kate Meagher, Responsible Bottom of the Pyramid

Zahid Torres-Rahman, Bottom of the pyramid, Debate Oxford University


Simon Maxwell Climate Development Network

Business as Usual

John Hilary Executive Diector, War on Want

Aneel Karnani Associate Professor of Strategy, Michigan Ross School of Business

John Madeley Author, Journalist and Broadcaster

Kate Meagher Lecturer in Development Studies, London School of Economics

Responsible Capitalism

Patricia O'Hayer Vice-President of Communications and CSR, Unilever

Jack Newnham Project Director, Business Innovation Facility

Zahid Torres-Rahman Founding Director, Business Fights Poverty

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