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Purchasing power at the bottom of the pyramid: differences across geographic regions and income tiers

Purpose - The purpose of this article is to examine the purchasing power at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP), i.e. of low-income consumers. Design/methodology/approach - The authors analyze secondary data on income, population, and expenditure at the BOP from different countries, and apply the buying power index (BPI) methodology ...

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Aid is not the answer

There is an inherent paradox in the debate about poverty alleviation that escapes even the most sophisticated observers in the West. Consider the conventional thinking about China and India: They are seen as a threat to the West. The fear is not only about "exporting well paying U.S. jobs" but ...

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Best practices for developing a solar home lighting system market

Access to electricity and home lighting are considered essential for a higher quality of life. Approximately 1.4 billion people rely on fuel-based lighting for home illumination. Thus, it has been argued, a substantial market exists for affordable home lighting products. Solid state lighting is a technology that can be employed ...

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