Kumar, Ashish / Shankar, Ravi / Momaya, Kiran / Gupte, Sandeep / 2010. The market for wireless electricity: The case of India.
Energy Policy, 38: 1537-1547.

A wireless revolution has transformed telecoms in India and in other emerging markets. The electricity market, on the other hand, remains underdeveloped. We define Wireless Electricity as renewable energy produced within a few hundred meters of the point of consumption. A wireless revolution in electricity would solve the problem of electricity deficit, empower people at the bottom of the pyramid and mitigate the environmental impact of bringing hundreds of millions out of poverty as the Indian economy grows. Renewables are technically proven and economically viable in certain situations, but their use remains peripheral. The stark difference in the diffusion patterns in telecoms and electricity has been ignored by leaders in government, business and academics. We present common frameworks to explain the different directions of reform in telecoms and electricity. We explain some of the dynamics which prevent the diffusion of Wireless Electricity. We use a causal loop diagram to explain the status quo in the off-grid electricity market and propose changes which will lead to the formation of a market for Wireless Electricity. India has the entrepreneurial talent to develop this market—and the largest number of potential customers. The world will benefit as a result.

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Sector: Enterprise Generation Access, Phone
Region: South Asia