Nussbaum, Bruce / 2007. Is Intel better than OLPC on teaching kids at the Bottom of the Pyramid?
Business Week (Online), September 26th 2007.

One of the hottest controversies around is that between Intel and the One Laptop Per Child Foundation over the best approach to educate poor children in rural villages in India, Africa, China, Latin America and the Middle East. The battle pits giant Intel, a private corporation dominant in its field and searching for new markets, against non-pofit OLPC using open-source linux, a group of highly talented designers (fuseproject’s Yves Behar, Pentagram’s Lisa Strausefeld), in a high-profile effort backed by Google, eBay and AMD led by the uber-technologist Nicholas Negroponte, ex-MIT Media Lab.

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Sector: Education Access, Laptops
Region: Central America South Asia