Selvanayagam, Ruban. / 2011. India urban Base of the Pyramid housing affordability study., November 21st 2011.

With one of the largest aggregated base of the pyramid populations and wealth gaps on the planet, Indian housing provision remains in a dire state.  A distinct lack of supply side solutions has further exacerbated a massive real estate price spike in recent years and, whilst both the private and public sector often announce their intention to initiate affordable housing projects, actionable steps are rarely taken.  As in many developing / emerging world cities with rapidly expanding low income housing deficits, India’s inertia is largely attributed to the low project financial viability in what is widely viewed as a high risk investment fuelled by wider factors such as rising inflationary pressures on core inputs, procurement bottlenecks, corruption and political discrimination to name a handful of the core issues.

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Sector: Home Loans
Region: South Asia