Mascarenhas, Oswald A. / Kesavan, Ram / Bernacchi, Michael / Global marketing of lifesaving drugs: an analogical model.
The Journal of Consumer Marketing, 22 (7): 404-411.

In light of the desire to bring about an increase in the global distribution of lifesaving drugs at affordable prices, the purpose of this paper is to focus on the global marketing of lifesaving drugs related to the current pandemic of HIV/AIDS. An analogical model is used to challenge companies to reengineer their products and their strategies to meet the twin objectives of profitability and humanitarianism. Following analogical reasoning, it is argued that an innovative reengineering and redesigning of lifesaving drugs can meet the great needs of developing countries with affordable prices. The paper proposes an analogical model that treats the marketing of drugs in general and of lifesaving drugs in particular, to the developing countries as a "target problem." This problem can be resolved by seeking analog "candidate solutions" from other "source industries" that have faced similar problems. In recent decades the pharmaceutical industry and its free market model of marketing drugs have come under sharp criticism both domestically and globally. Their pricing and distribution of lifesaving drugs to developing countries have been severely criticized. This paper helps pharmaceutical firms to meet the need for lifesaving drugs in developing countries. Analogical reasoning as applied to marketing is new. The paper submits that this solution will be more effective in combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic than any current solutions. The paper discusses the strategic marketing implications of the analogical model.

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Sector: Home Loans, Microcredit Health Insurance, Health Providers, Pharmaceuticals
Region: Central America, South America South Asia