Shell Foundation / 2005. Enterprise solutions to poverty: Opportunities and challenges for the international development community and big business.
Shell Foundation Report.

The modern world has always encompassed extremes of affluence and poverty. But in 2005 the confluence of advocacy, political serendipity and natural disaster has rapidly pushed the plight of the impoverished up the agenda of the wealthy as never before. The sharpness of the challenge being thrown down on behalf of the poor and the pressure on the rich to take action in response is unprecedented, as is the level of debate on a topic previously all but ignored by the public and mainstream media...Since 2000, we’ve been exploring systematically the questions of how to catalyse and scale-up market and enterprise based solutions to poverty – and how to harness to the same task, the value-creating assets of multinational corporations

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Sector: Enterprise Lighting Microcredit Sanitation
Region: East Africa, Southern Africa Central America South Asia