Mas, Ignacio / Morawczynski, Olga / 2009. Designing mobile money services: Lessons from M-Pesa.
Innovations, 4 (2): 77-91.

M-PESA, the Kenyan mobile money service, has seen exceptional growth since its introduction in March 2007. Six million customers have registered with the service, which represents nearly half the customer base of Safaricom, the mobile operator that launched M-PESA. This is a level of penetration in the mobile base that no other mobile phone–based service has achieved, outside of voice and text messaging. The figures for person-to-person (P2P) transfers are equally impressive: over USD 1.6 billion (120 billion Kenyan Shillings [KSh]) worth of such transfers have been made through the M-PESA system. M-PESA is not the only mobile money service to be launched in Africa, but it is the most successful. For example, South Africa’s WIZZIT has managed to attract 250,000 customers in more than four years of operation. Neighboring Tanzania launched its own version of M-PESA in April 2008, but it has only recently crossed the 100,000 customer mark. So why has this service grown so rapidly within the Kenyan context?

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Region: East Africa