Walsh, James P. / Kress, Jeremy C. / Beyerchen, Kurt W. / 2005. Book review essay: Promises and perils at the Bottom of the Pyramid: “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profits” by C. K. Prahalad.
Administrative Science Quarterly, 50 (3): 473-482.

C. K. Prahalad, an extremely well-known and influential business scholar and consultant, worked for years to find a new way to solve the problem of poverty…His latest book, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, captures the results of this effort. Impressively praised by the likes of Madeline Albright and Bill Gates, the book was released to wide acclaim…Looking back on his thesis in the book's final chapter, Prahalad summarizes his argument. This summary may be the best introduction to his ideas: “We have looked at the BOP as a viable and profitable growth market. We have also understood that treating the BOP as a market can lead to poverty reduction, particularly if NGOs and community groups can join with MNCs [multinational corporations] and local companies as business partners. The development of markets and effective business models at the BOP can transform the poverty alleviation task from one of constant struggle with subsidies and aid to entrepreneurship and the generation of wealth. When the poor at the BOP are treated as consumers, they can reap the benefits of respect, choice, and self-esteem and have an opportunity to climb out of the poverty trap”. (p. 99)

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Sector: Microcredit Health Providers, Medical Devices, Sanitation
Region: South America South Asia